DSGVO Verstehen & anwenden

DSGVO Verstehen & anwenden

Learn the essentials you need to consider for sensible, secure and legally compliant handling of personal data in our litelloBook.

Inadequate data protection can cause great damage. Applicable law must be complied with. However, the complex regulation confuses some.

Our interactive eBook navigates you through the basic structures. In a compact scope, it conveys the basic knowledge. It is suitable for further training of all employees who are to be sensitized to the problems in the company and need basic knowledge for action.


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All contents at a glance

  • Schutzbedürfnis von Daten und Schadensabwendung
  • Einordnung von Datenschutz in Grundrecht und Gesetze
  • Unterscheidung und Zusammenhang von Datenschutz und Datensicherheit
  • Erhebung personenbezogener Daten
  • Informationspflicht zu personenbezogenen Daten
  • Verarbeitungsbedingungen personenbezogener Daten
  • Rollen in der Datenverarbeitung, Verantwortliche und Zuständigkeiten
  • Grundsätze für die Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten
  • Pflichten der Verantwortlichen (Nachweis, Dokumentation)
  • Rechte von Betroffenen
  • Verfahren Datenpannen
  • Räumliche Anwendung der DSGVO (in der EU und außerhalb) 

About the authors

Thomas Rickert

Thomas Rickert is managing partner of Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (www.rickert.law). He has been advising companies in Germany and abroad on IT law, data protection law and intellectual property law for more than 20 years. He acts as external data protection officer for a number of companies.

Jan Lutterbach 

Jan Lutterbach has been working as a lawyer in IT law and data protection as well as an external data protection officer for international companies since 2013. He advises and supports companies in the area of data protection compliance and is a registered external data protection officer for several international companies. In this context, he drafts data protection concepts (data protection management systems, deletion concepts, etc.) and audits companies for data protection compliance.

Lena Wassermann

Lena Wassermann has been working as a fully qualified lawyer in the field of data protection since 2019 and has also been advising national and international companies on data protection law since 2020. Her expertise lies in the review of order processing agreements, auditing of companies with regard to data protection compliance, review and preparation of data protection declarations/information as well as data protection analyses especially in the eMarketing area, i.e. all classic core activities in data protection law.