LinkedIn für Einsteiger

LinkedIn für Einsteiger

Get to know network & set up perfect profile

Learn in our litelloBook the essentials to be able to use LinkedIn specifically for their professional success.

Learn step by step how to start LinkedIn, how to optimize your profile according to various criteria and how to use the platform successfully. Through clear structure, clear preparation and digital features you learn easily and with fun.









No matter if you want to register for LinkedIn or if you want to expand and professionalize your existing use as a user: We will show you the successful way to do so.

We start by reflecting on the possible uses with you and what opportunities the platform opens up for your goals in detail. As a basis, you will learn the most important things about the basic settings including data protection and the operation of the software. The booklet then focuses on how you can design and use your profile professionally and effectively. Different areas of application are taken into account.

All contents at a glance


  • Wichtigkeit digitaler Netzwerke, Grundlegendes über LinkedIn und seine Community, Internationalität
  • Persönliche Relevanz, Vorteile der Plattform, Abgleich XING

Anmeldungen und Profileinrichtung

  • Anmelden bei LinkedIn, Registrierung, Einloggen, App-Nutzung. Funktionsüberblick, Konto
  • Einstellungen zur Sicherheit, zur Sichtbarkeit des Profils, zur Vernetzung und Kommunikation, zum Datenschutz

Optimierungen des Profils und Rubriken

  • Perfektes LinkedIn-Profil: Profilzwecke und deren Vorteile, Aufruf des Profils
  • Erster Eindruck über Profil-Header mit Vorschau, Profilbild, persönlichen Infos, Profil-Slogan, Hintergrundbild
  • Sprachvarianten für Ihr Profil
  • Analytics und Ressourcen
  • Vier Profil-Hacks über die LinkedIn-App
  • Im Fokus & Aktivitäten
  • Die Info
  • Berufserfahrung
  • Ausbildung
  • Bescheinigungen, Zertifikate & Ehrenamt
  • LinkedIn Spezial-Bereiche
  • Interessen


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About the authors

Julia Reuter

Julia Reuter is the founder of Herzblutdigital and a state-certified business economist for marketing communications.With over 15 years of experience in marketing & advertising, she develops strategies for digital brand management and content marketing for brands. She positions personal brands & companies on the digital B2B platform LinkedIn and is co-host of the local network LinkedIn-Local-Bonn.

Sven Giebler

As a digital consultant with 25 years of experience, certified business coach and founder of, Sven Giebler supports entrepreneurs and companies by providing focused consulting in the areas of marketing and communication to unleash digital potential. This in order to achieve goals and remain successful. As an expert on LinkedIn, he also offers workshops for individuals, teams and companies.