Litello makes the difference

Litello makes the difference

Litello focuses on modern learning through contemporary didactics. Being smart made easy.

Simply better grades

Almost a whole grade better! This is the meaningful result of the first statistical evaluations comparing students who learned with Litello and a corresponding comparison group.

And that's not all: the time required was also less.

Texts as a basis

To find an e-learning solution that transfers didactics into the digital age in a meaningful way - that was Thorsten Bonne's intention: Litello came out!

The basis for this is common and learned: texts! They are still the elementary part to learn efficiently.

Relevance instead of mass

The problem with reading books? You often spend more time filtering out the relevant passages than actually learning the material.

With Litello, content is presented in such a compact way that students can start learning directly.

Less time spent, faster success.

Lectures to go

Going to university was normal for all students for a long time. Today, most have to work on the side. The side effect: attendance at lectures is falling.

All the more important that the connection and exchange between lecturers and students can still take place on another level: in the Litello learning groups.